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Golf Fitness Training

Your cardiovascular system is the most overlooked component in your golf performance. Your anaerobic power and aerobic endurance are critical pieces of your performance. "Physical conditioning will help recruit the muscles in the correct sequence and to the optimum effect." (Doan et al., 2006)


Your energy systems are responsible for your ability to:


  • Repeat a dynamic swing for 18 holes

  • Produce maximal power on each swing (based on handicap this may be 35-60 swings not included practice swings)

  • Play multiple rounds in a week with same energy level

  • Maintain concentration and focus 

  • Walk the course (6800 yards = 6.6 miles walking; 6200 yards = 5.9 miles)


Improve your game by improving your cardiovascular conditioning with our golf fitness programs. We train your body to efficiently use energy during repeated dynamic swings and to quickly restore anaerobic energy to produce maximal power on each swing. 

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