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I am currently over 70 years old and have been retired for 7 years. When playing a round of golf, I would need to take a pain reliever like Aleve after walking the 18 holes to deal with soreness and stiffness. I started working with Tim Neumann to deal with the aftereffects of each round and to improve my range of motion, strength and balance.

After working with Tim Neumann for over one and a half years, I am amazed at the results. It only took about 3 months for me to no longer need the Aleve after walking 18 holes carrying my own bag. There are no aftereffects of walking and playing multiple days in a row over both flat courses and courses with significant hills. In addition, I can walk a river fly fishing or cast from a boat for 14 hours with enthusiasm knowing I will feel good at the end of the day.

— John R., Retiree

Can not say enough about this experience! What a great way to be healthy, have fun and improve whatever aspect of your game needed. My daughter loved going each week!

— Parent, Junior Fitness Program Attendee

Coach Tim and his program exceeded our expectations, our two boys loved every minute! This program is perfect to strengthen their core for the upcoming golf season!

— Parent, Junior Fitness Program Attendee

Our experience with my daughter's trainer has been nothing but positive. Tim is extremely knowledgable, relates well to the younger audience, and has really motivated my daughter to improve her strength and fitness level. Without a doubt, Par 5 Performance has been one the best investments I have made for my daughter.

— Parent, Junior Fitness Program Attendee

Tim is the best trainer that I have worked with in my 20 years of coaching high school athletes.  He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and tailors his workouts to our specific situation.  There is no question that are players are better athletes because of his program.  His workouts are the most comprehensive that I have seen and our players love to work with him.

— Alan J., High School Varsity Coach

I have worked out with Coach Neumann for almost two years. The workouts and stretches prepared me and got me in shape for my sports seasons. He provides encouraging support while getting you stronger and faster. 


— Colin N., High School Athlete

I've worked out with Coach Neumann for the past two off-seasons (summer and fall). He has helped me not only get into better shape on the court, but also helps me become a better person as well. He is a very energetic, upbeat person and provides positive feedback at all my workouts. He has helped shape me into the future collegiate athlete I will become.


— Scottie B., High School Athlete

As a recent retiree, I was looking for ways to improve my strength, endurance, and balance, especially as it related to my golf game.  I began working with Tim in hour-long sessions twice a week.  He developed a program that suited the needs of someone my age, assessing and adjusting as necessary to improve my performance.  He approaches each session with enthusiasm, skill, patience, and a high level of competence.  I have already noticed improvement in flexibility and core strength as a result of our sessions.


— Phil N., Retiree

I'd been sidelined with a few injuries for over a year when I met Tim. Working out as I always had in the past wasn't cutting it any more, and I knew I needed help. I started working with Tim to learn how to modify exercises and regain my strength and mobility. With Tim's expert help, I'm making great strides in getting back into shape. Even better, I'm not feeling pain from my injuries almost at all any longer!


— Jen G., Working Mom

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