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Golf Mobility
Movement Patterns

When you begin your golf fitness program with Par 5 Performance, we evaluate your overall athletic ability and readiness. Using the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen and the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screen, we assess a wide-range of movement patterns to determine your mobility and stability. Each play a vital role in a golfer’s success.  


Mobility is your joints' range of motion, which combines flexibility as well as motor control. It allows the generation of elastic energy, which is essential for power production. The range of motion in your joints enables proper swing mechanics and is important for injury prevention.


Stability ensures your body can secure one area while stretching and/or contracting others. This allows you to generate speed and maintain posture throughout your swing. Your golf swing requires stabilization to occur in various segments. Energy is developed and transferred from the lower body, through the pelvis, to the upper body and into the arms and club. Imagine a bow and arrow. When you pull the string back, the bow must remain stable so the arrow can fly. Your golf swing is no different. Each segment needs to stabilize and allow the next to use it for power.


Our programs are designed to help you mobilize and stabilize your joints to generate power and more importantly, minimize the potential for injuries.  

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