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The Par 5 Advantage

Par 5 Performance provides golf fitness training programs designed to improve your game. Each of our five training components contributes to your ability to “Play Stronger. Play Longer." 

Movement Patterns

Improving mobility and stability increase your joints' range of motion and control, leading to proper mechanics in the gym and your swing as well as reducing risk of injury.


Improve your strength and lay the groundwork for increased distance and a bulletproof foundation. Address muscular imbalances that plague golfers.


Become explosive and maximize distance! Power is the key to increasing club head speed and more yardage. 


Increased anaerobic power and cardiovascular endurance provide a consistent dynamic swing for 18 holes — and the ability for you to play the game you love more often.


Nutrition, hydration and sleep restore your body to it's fullest potential. Refuel and recharge for optimal performance.  

At Par 5 Performance, your program is customized to meet your golfing and fitness goals using cutting edge assessments from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS). Par 5 Performance is certified by the NSCA and Titleist Performance Institute, whose trainers have worked with 18 of the last 20 Major championship winners.

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