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Process v. Outcome

Today marks the start of the high school golf season. Tryouts begin and many of my golfers have one thing in mind...make Varsity.

Goal setting is important. Successful people all have at least one thing in common - they have a clear vision of what they want. They have very specific goals and work to meet them.

But what sort of goals should we make and how should we view our performance? There are outcome-based and process-based goals. Often, we think specifically of outcome-based goals (i.e. make Varsity). However, process-based goals are just as important because they help us create habits, which are needed for long-term success. In fact, in a sport as difficult as golf, one could argue process-based goals may be more important because there are so many factors out of your control when competing to "win a tournament", "make Varsity", etc. So after tryouts, reflect on all of your goals, both outcome- and process-based and value the results of each.

Here are two articles explaining the importance of both types of goals.

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